Blonde vs Brunette: I discovered exactly what men truly favor on Tinder

Blonde vs Brunette: I discovered exactly what men truly favor on Tinder

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I changed my personal tresses colour frequently considering that the age of 15. Especially, as my pals bring described, after a hard break-up. Like a total cliche.

Therefore, following final conclusion of a dirty, very long on-off commitment in October, I altered my personal hair color again a€“ to brunette, the very first time.

I would experimented with dating apps throughout extremely a€?off‘ amount of my personal mentioned intimate entanglement. Then I’d become extremely blonde, along with become happily surprised by my triumph upon it with regards to communications and times.

I made the decision to invest 3 days as a blonde on Tinder, and 3 days as a brunette to see which version of myself might have most achievements.

The rules

1) i might invest 3 days utilizing photographs of me personally as each locks colour 2) i might beginning an entirely brand-new profile each and sugar babies website every time, so my prior use of Tinder ahead of the experiment would not impact outcomes 3) In order to get a reasonable trial, I would personally swipe best 200 circumstances for every in identical venue 4) i’dn’t message my fits first when I desired to assess matches vs actual folks talking-to me


Its my latest tresses color, so it generated awareness in the first place are brunette. I stuffed my profile with a variety of images of simply me and photo with family, and a reasonably harmless biography with some about me personally and my hobbies.

I then began swiping. Circumstances started off quite slow a€“ initially we best have a handful of suits from the 200 swipes. Towards the end regarding the three days this is just what I wound up with:

Very started the discussions, and I also dislike to say it however it is very tame affair a€“ hardly any in the poorly thought-out sexual innuendos, come-ons or desires for dick photos that Tinder happens to be very famous for.


I would already been blond for almost all of my personal grown and teenage lives, thus I ensured to utilize pretty current golden-haired images of myself, such institution photos, so years would not be too much of a consideration. I utilized the exact same bio as my personal brunette visibility.

I found myself practically getting a match any other swipe. It was absurd when compared to the brunette profile therefore got forever in order to get through 200 swipes considering that the It really is A Match! display held appearing.

It wasn’t only a feeling sometimes. It absolutely was mirrored specifically inside the number of complete suits We got throughout the three day course. I’d 101 suits, meaning simply over half the guys I swiped on swiped on me-too.

Thus, 10 per cent of the just who coordinated beside me ended up messaging me. That’s at least 3 x a lot more than whenever I was brunette.

I’m not truly sure how this 1 got the effect I found myself a ballbuster from my visibility…I do not making a practice of hitting men within the testicle:

Therefore the champion…

After some representation, we came to the conclusion it might be related to the type of photos I picked besides a€“ possibly my test was not because thoroughly clean whilst could have been. Those of me personally blond are admittedly most glamorous with more images of me personally on nights . In one I’m dressed up for Halloween and taking a pose.

Perhaps the guys whom swiped directly on me personally performed so not really much because I found myself blond, but much more because I found myself offering an impression of myself having a great time?

In the upside, we looked far more likely to come across someone to need an actual discussion with as I ended up being brunette a€“ like the chap who was interested in my work.

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