Monaco – Juventus. Forecast by Alexander Yakimenko

After the draw, this particular pair seemed to me more interesting than the „showdown in Madrid“. And the first match confirmed my predictions – His Majesty KriRo led his team to the final even before the starting whistle of the second match. Today, I am sure, the intrigue will only twist more strongly, and everything will be resolved in Turin.

Why I believe in the victory of Monaco? At least because Juventus will definitely not try to win at any cost. Do not miss, if possible score such an important „guest“ goal, but in any case play to win? It would be wiser to postpone the question of reaching the final for the return match, and try to keep a comfortable score for yourself at the Stade de Louis II. But the defense of Monaco is not striking in reliability, and in the attack, Juve will be Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. played by such gentlemen as Dybala and Higuain, they simply must take advantage of this opportunity. Moreover, in addition to them, Mandzhukich, Cuadrado or Pyanich can still shoot.
But the way Monaco is playing at home this season inspires me to bet on the Monegasque win. Provided both teams score. Yes it is a risk, so it is not iron. but the odds are simply gorgeous, and the bet itself, you see, is very beautiful.