Religious women have abortions, too And many faiths affirm abortion rights.

” Karen Swallow Prior states clearly that as a pro-life Christian, she believes that life begins at conception. As a Jew, I believe that life begins at birth, based on the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic texts. This is the ethics used by most abortion advocates that fight for the rights of abortion during the early months and more so the first semester of pregnancy. Some people that are for abortion will advocate for it when it is early as possible. This time, it is believed that the human has not developed, and that fetus is not a person.

religious views on abortion essay

It is important to understand that Dworkin is writing out of the American experience of violence and social unrest over abortion. He is concerned that these deep-rooted divisions in society will continue to fester, leading ultimately to civil breakdown and widespread violence. How can we live together as a society Hook in Essay Writing when we differ about such a fundamental issue as to whether the life of a fetus is sacrosanct? He argues that although abortion is an extremely divisive issue in Western societies, in fact nearly all members of those societies hold fundamental convictions about the sacred and ‘inviolable’ nature of human life.

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We affirm the necessity of parents to make responsible decisions regarding the conception and nurture of their children. We affirm a profound regard for the personhood of the woman in her emotional, mental, and physical health; we also affirm a profound regard and concern for the potential of the unborn fetus.

Moreover, participants with “pro-life” attitudes explained that abortion is too often discussed in a “cold and sterile” medical manner. These participants emphasized the importance of sharing religious beliefs of life and scared worth when providing pastoral care for someone considering abortion.

Euthanasia And Abortion With Non Christians

These findings should be interpreted in context of the limitations and strengths of the study. Our diverse sample of Mainline and Black Protestant churches represent an array of perspectives on abortion and pastoral care, but cannot be generalized to all religious denominations (e.g., Evangelical Protestant, Catholic, and non-Christian groups were purposefully excluded). religious views on abortion essay Additionally, only few women were recruited in this study, which somewhat reflects the gender makeup of senior leadership positions in Protestant religious institutions which are male dominated. It is possible that women lay leaders are providing pastoral care to congregants as well and may have different insights on the provision of pastoral care for abortion.

Is society just a collection of private individuals all doing their own thing? The very fact that many disabled people like Tom Shakespeare and Christy Nolan want to protest against the abortion of affected fetuses is evidence religious views on abortion essay that this is an inadequate view of society and of the value of human life. It seems to me that the liberal individualistic concept of society as a series of autonomous individuals is a modern mythical construction.

Potential Factors that Influence Abortion

Conversely, Mainline Protestant religious leaders have historically played a role in shaping SRH policy, specifically with advocacy efforts for increased access to contraception and abortion during the twentieth century . In Part III we suggest that incorporating the concept of women’s moral agency into our discussions about abortion would strengthen support for reproductive rights.

  • Sometime the right of a human beings to be free and make their own decisions tends to get in the way of some people belief that some decision is not for human beings to make, due to the reason that we are “gods”.
  • For this study, 20 semi-structured, in-depth interviews were conducted with religious leaders serving in Mainline and Black Protestant churches in a county with urban and rural areas outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
  • To help address the ethical issue, religions over their existence have developed teachings/scripture that provides followers an ethical response to the issue.
  • Many suggested that they would counsel women considering abortion to not make a “rash” decision based on pressure from the congregation.
  • Still, participants differed in their descriptions of their belief about when life begins, acknowledgement of moral agency to make pregnancy- and abortion-related decisions, and the circumstances in which abortion may be morally acceptable.
  • Religiously identified women, with the notable exception of evangelical women, have abortions at virtually the same rate as their representation in the population.
  • The council believes that comprehensive, confidential, accessible family planning and reproductive health services for all, regardless of age or ability to pay.
  • It is clear that Aquinas relied on Aristotle’s erroneous thought to make a mistake in his conclusion about when human life begins.

Abortion is aimed at the destruction of blastocyst, foetus, embryo or zygote and in the process kills the innocence any life that would be there . Since St. Thomas Aquinas made his remarks, much has changed and today what was studied under philosophy has been transferred into the field of science studied under biology . The concept of a global citizen describes the state of being caring, aware, and knowledgeable about the major issues to do with cultural diversity. The ultimate aim is to act responsibly and eventually promote social sustainability and justice.

Abortion: the Religious Debate Regarding This Issue Essay

This allows the community to address the topic, and make the ethical issue more controversial. To help address the ethical issue, religions over their existence have developed teachings/scripture that provides followers an ethical response to the issue. Christianity is a major religion, that over time has developed a deeper interpretation of the scripture, creating denominations, known as Presbyterian churches. Churches have various perspectives on ethics, such as beginning of life issues. These various perspectives are determined from scripture and the past thesis statements that has been passed down. As the world has modernized, the interpretation of these statements has changed. The response of Christianity to abortion, can be addressed as pro-abortion or anti-abortion.

Since beliefs about abortion are essentially religious beliefs, they should be removed from the public sphere and placed in the private sphere. We can respect one another’s ethical views as essentially religious differences. If a liberal society is going to survive, the law must allow abortion whenever a mother’s individual autonomy demands it. These findings contribute to limited empirical evidence on pastoral care for abortion. We found religious leaders hold diverse attitudes and beliefs about abortion, rooted in Christian scripture and doctrine that inform advice and recommendations to congregants. While religious leaders may have formal training on pastoral care in general or theological education on the ethical issues related to abortion, they struggle to integrate their knowledge and training across these two areas. Still, leaders could be potentially important resources for empathy, compassion, and affirmation of agency in abortion decision-making, particularly in the Southern United States.

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