These returns can be referred to as RTO

These returns can be referred to as RTO

*Please mention, retailers would be billed reverse logistics costs for all client profits (Minimum shelf life with the product sent is 9 period)

Tasks and Obligations of Sellers

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a? publish this product definition, imagery, disclaimer, delivery time traces, rates and these some other info for all the goods as required from the relevant guidelines are demonstrated and supplied obtainable on on-line platform through simsim.

a? Ensure not to ever publish any description/image/text/graphic this is certainly illegal, illegal, objectionable, obscene, vulgar, versus community policy, restricted or is in infraction of mental home rights such as but not limited to trademark and copyright of every third-party. Merchant shall additionally guaranteed to publish the item explanation and graphics mainly for this product that’s provided for sale through online platform.

a? give full, correct, precise and correct details on the goods as required by relevant laws, to be able to let the users in order to make well-informed decision.

a? always result in compliance of most applicable laws and regulations like however limited by intellectual home rights, applicable tax, purchase of goods, buyers coverage, excise and import responsibilities, medicines and cosmetics and advertisements.

a? offer all related facts about items and services offered on the market because of the merchant such as country of source which have been required on prepurchase stage in addition to the title and details of the importer, and any such assures, regarding the authenticity or genuineness associated with brought in merchandise.

a? perhaps not supply any goods on the market on simsim’s program, which have been prohibited available, harmful, up against the community policy, blocked, illegal, illegal or restricted beneath the relevant laws and regulations.

a? perhaps not follow any unfair trade training whether during the course of the offer on simsim’s e-commerce program or otherwise without dealer shall incorrectly portray by itself as a customer and article analysis about goods or providers or misrepresent the standard or the options that come with any products or providers.

Representations and warranties

a? they’re a certified companies establishment and hold-all the requisite permissions, regulators, approvals and sanctions to make her business and to enter a plan with simsim. They shall constantly promise compliance with all the demands applicable their business and also for the reason for this plan in accordance with the applicable laws. More, they confirm that they’ve settled and shall continue to discharge each of their duties towards statutory government.


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a? owner undertakes which they shall hold strictly secret and confidential and shall not disclose, reveal or display throughout continuance among these terms of trade, the private info with any 3rd party and where any Confidential data is required to feel disclosed towards the qualified bodies because of governmental or judicial order, owner shall allow the team prompt authored find, where possible, and rehearse affordable effort to ensure this type of disclosure is actually accorded private procedures and also to allow simsim to seek a safety order or any other proper solution.

a? the word „Confidential details“ ways facts associated with these terminology and/or simsim’s established or contemplated products, any/all information, exclusive content or mental belongings liberties like all technical and non-technical ideas in regards to the company and its own functions, trade markings (in every kind and news) now-known or that may be known in future records, service and/ or service projects, expense, research, statistic, consumer information, trade keys, inventions, technologies, steps, methodologies, ideas, data, design, states, information, formulae, analyses, outlay, prices or promotion build, labels, client databases, buyer’s personal rate my date aplikacja randkowa data, finances, management, advertisements plans, businesses methods, proper ideas or online business offerings, technical specs, records, contracts, deeds alongside components found in or related to some of the foregoing.