Cup And Handle Stock Chart Pattern

The most common chart patterns, and what they mean to you as a trader, are highlighted here. Keep this by your desk and I promise it will be a huge help in your future trading. Just having them in your face every day will subconsciously help you learn to recognize them during live trading. If the stock breaks above horizontal resistance, traders will buy the stock, and set a stop loss order usually just below the prior resistance level.

A cup-and-handle pattern can take place over any period of time. Some patterns emerge during day trading, forming over the course of hours, while others can take shape over the better part of a year. Often the asset’s price will remain at its low point for weeks or even months before recovering its value. The breakout should foreign exchange market occur on high trading volume and continue above the trendline drawn from the left to the right side of the cup to provide confirmation. Cup and handle patterns can also occur on shorter timeframes, although trading these requires quick recognition and confirmation of the breakout at the end of the handle in order to profit.

Once the cup regains its high there’s a modest pullback as investors consolidate rather than invest. This is often driven by sales from investors who bought during the low point and are offloading this asset now that it has returned to its previous high. Thirdly, the price of the asset will then recover to approximately its original value.

The Head And Shoulders Pattern: How To Trade Tops And Bottoms

Chinese stocks fell hard Monday, including giants such as Alibaba,… Chinese stocks fell hard Monday, including giants such as Alibaba, Baidu and, over concerns about more disruption. The handle should form in the upper part of the entire pattern. If you’re not ready to start straight away, you can practise your trades on a risk-free demo account. Theta’s height percentage is calling for this target at the very minimum. RSI and momentum can push this 1hr candle out of the cup resistance.

The decrease could stop a bit before the midpoint, or could go a bit below. A Pennant is basically a variant of a Flag where the area of consolidation has converging trend lines,… The Keltner Channel or KC is a technical indicator that consists of volatility-based bands …

cup and handle chart patterns

Investors typically exhibit predictable emotions when a stock price moves up and down, and these emotions can lead to trading activity that creates predictable charting patterns. No one can Underlying explain how to trade cup and handle pattern better that way you have explained in this short article. If you trade chart patterns, you want to exit your trade when the pattern is completed.

A positive feedback loop sets into motion, with price lifting into resistance, completing the final leg of the pattern, and breaking out in a strong uptrend. Many cup and handle traders adhere strictly to O’Neil’s rules for construction, but there are many variations that produce reliable results. In fact, modified C&H patterns have applications in all time frames, from intraday scalping to monthly market timing. An ascending triangle is a chart pattern used in technical analysis created by a horizontal and rising trendline. The pattern is considered a continuation pattern, with the breakout from the pattern typically occurring in the direction of the overall trend. The subsequent decline ended within two points of theinitial public offering price, far exceeding O’Neil’s requirement for a shallow cup high in the prior trend.

What Is The Cup

The cup forms after an advance and looks like a bowl or an object with a round bottom. Trading range forms on the right-hand side as the cup is cup and handle chart patterns completed, and that makes the handle. A subsequent breakout from the trading range of the handle shows a continuation of the prior advance.

In a bull market, many of the Morpheusdaily stock picks are based on the cup and handle chart pattern. When you decide to do it like that it is prudent to go with a 7 to 8% stop loss as suggested by O’Neil. Please be aware that such a fixed stop is only valid for buying breakouts.

  • In most cases, the decline from high to low should not exceed 8% to 12%.
  • During bear markets, some good cup with handle bases show a large, double-digit decline within the handle.
  • According to O’Neil’s description, the handle should extend no longer than between one-fifth to one-quarter of the cup’s length.
  • The content provided is impersonal, non-binding and not tailored to any particular individual user, trader or business.
  • Often the asset’s price will remain at its low point for weeks or even months before recovering its value.
  • As noted earlier, these patterns — the cup with handle, double bottom and flat base — repeat themselves in every market cycle.

While hundreds of different types of chart patterns exist, experience has taught me that being laser-focused on just a few patternsmakes the overall best stock trading strategy. The descending triangle is another continuation pattern, but this triangle is a bearish pattern and is usually created as a continuation during a downward trend. Occasionally it can be seen as a reversal during an upward trend , but it is considered to be a continuation. A cup with handle pattern gets its name from the obvious pattern it makes on the chart. The cup is a curved u-shape, while the handle slopes slightly downwards. In general, the right-hand side of the diagram has low trading volume, and it can last from seven weeks up to around 65 weeks.

How To Trade The Cup

The height of the cup should be approximately between one third (1/3) to two thirds (2/3 of the initial upward trend. After breaking out of that cup with handle, Netflix pulled back again to form yet another flat base. Netflix really took off when it broke out of the second flat base at the beginning of this year. The buy point is based on the most recent area of resistance (i.e., the peak in the handle) because it’s a testing ground.

cup and handle chart patterns

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Trading The Cup And Handle Pattern For Best Results

The upward momentum carried through following the cup and handle. Forex trading does not normally make use of this; rather, it makes use of other more conventional breakout confirmation methods such as breaks over the resistance. The remaining process is similar when trading the cup and handle pattern. The pattern can be seen in both small timeframes, like a one-minute chart, and in big time frames, such as daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

Picking A Target Or Profitable Exit

The cup and handle pattern occurs in small time frames, like a one-minute chart, and in large time frames, like daily, weekly, and monthly charts. It occurs when a price wave is downward, followed by a stabilizing period. Prices then rally to an approximately equal size to the prior decline. It creates a U-shape or the „cup“ in the „cup and handle.“ The price then moves sideways or drifts downward within a channel, forming the handle. Chart patterns occur when the price of an asset moves in a way that resembles a common shape, like a triangle, rectangle, head and shoulders, or—in this case—a cup and handle.

Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. You could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. I think Eurobond this will become bullish in the next few days due to the cup & handle pattern & news worthy info circulating this ticker. Do yourself a favor and stop checking Nano’s price action because Nano has one of the most unpredictable price action in comparison to other cryptos.

Basic Characteristics Of The Cup With Handle

With proper planning of entry points, profit targets, and stop losses, a cup and handle pattern represents an excellent risk to reward ratio for smart traders. The best place to enter a cup and handle pattern to maximize the likelihood of predicting the breakout while minimizing risk is during the handle. The handle will typically form a descending trendline – aim to enter when the price breaks above this descending trendline. Also watch for sharply increasing trade volume, as that indicates that the stock may be about to break out.

Now, that’s fine if the price made a strong momentum move into Resistance and it gets rejected strongly. Rayner Teo is an independent trader, ex-prop trader, and founder of TradingwithRayner. The following chart, courtesy of, illustrates the pattern.

A strategy in more uncertain patterns is to place a limit order just below the pattern’s breakout level, which can trigger execution in the event of retracement. This pattern is sometimes also called a “saucer bottom” and demonstrates a long-term reversal showing that the stock is moving from a downward trend towards an upward trend instead. Commentary and opinions expressed are those of the author/speaker and not necessarily those of Mint Global. Mint Global does not guarantee the accuracy of, or endorse, the statements of any third party, including guest speakers or authors of commentary or news articles. All information regarding the likelihood of potential future investment outcomes are hypothetical.

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